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John Gower III was born in Jamison, Pennsylvania in 1985, where he grew up in the town of Broadheadsville raised by his mother and father. John attended Bangor Area High School, graduating in 2003. John attended college at Information Computer Systems Institute in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he graduated with an associates degree in Business/Data Networking in 2005. John now has ten years experience in computers working with software, hardware, networking, and web design.

John also has numerous certifications in the field of computers. John started writing books later on in his life. He published his first book on July 1, 2011 called, "How to Build a Computer (For Beginners)"©. John is the author of nine books published worldwide. John is currently still writing and publishing more educational books for schools, colleges and people all around the world. John aims to educate readers about the knowledge of technology geared toward people who are interested in learning, and who are not familiar with computers. (Picture on the right of John Gower III) 

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How to Build a Computer How to Build a Computer (for Beginners)
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A+ Study Guide A+ Study Guide
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How to Build a Website How to Build a Website (for Beginners)
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